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Techno Instruments
Plot No 1145/1, Opp Maruti Industries,
Uma Convertor Lane,
Santej Ranchhodpura road,
Santej: 382721, Tal: Kalol
Dist: Gandhinagar, Gujarat,

Phone  : +91 2764 268002/3/4, 301200
Fax       : +91 2764 268109
Mobile : +91 99099 25237
E-mail  :  info@techno-instruments.com
We, at Techno had put Indian thermometry in global era by developing basic wire wound RTD element truly on our engineering ability and R&D, in the year 1999, which in turn made Indian TEMPERATURE ELEMENT user self dependent. In addition to that it provides more flexibility to the manufacturer to modify the basic element in accordance to the requirement.

As a part of backward integration strategy, Techno started R&D project on MINERAL INSULATED METAL SHEATHED CABLE. By the end of 2003 Techno successfully developed world class MIMS cable using 100% indigenous practices, which further made the MIMS cables economically more viable option in Indian thermometry industry.

In 2000 Techno developed a unique deep hole drilled SPM with thorough coolant drilling technique to drill the bar stock THERMOWELL as long as 1200mm in single piece weld free construction with excellent and uniform drill concentricity. This SPM has enabled Techno to cater the industry with drilled bar thermowell of international standards.

The above mentioned R&D Practices, along with many more customer specific researches, make Techno the only manufacturer in India to produce temperature sensors, wire wound RTD elements as well mineral insulated thermocouple cables with 100 % indigenous technology.

At ‘Techno’ We Have A Unique R&D Methodology For Optimising Life Of Temperature Elements And Thermowells. We Have Identified Few Parameters In Each Application Which Affect The Life Of Temperature Element / Thermowell We Will Be Glade To Join You To Resolve Your Problems.Please See Case Studies For Few Of Applications.
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Temperature Sensor Assembly
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